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IST MP203 Hunter Twin Lens Mask

Extremely low volume design.

Fitting easily in your BC pocket, the MP203 Hunter is ideal as a spearfishing, free diving or back-up mask. It’s foldable with swivel buckles, and features an extremely low-volume design. And it’s black -- Did you ever wonder why all the good spear fishermen wear only black and dark masks? Because clear or light-colored silicone can create reflections on the inside of the lenses from surface light distracting your focus on the prey.

Real underwater hunters always wear black. The Hunter mask skirt has been greatly reduced in weight and volume. Mask buckles are positioned directly on the silicone skirt for a hydrodynamic, low-drag design. All this creates an ideal mask not only for spearfishing, but free diving and for photographers who want to be at one with their underwater world.


  • Extremely low volume design
  • Swivel and easy-adjust buckles
  • Ideal for hunters and photographers
  • The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Perfect as a spearfishing, free diving or back-up mask as it folds and fits easily in your BCD pocket.
  • Tempered glass for safety and durability
  • Non-polish finished mask skirt prevents from reflecting of sunlight

M203 Hunter

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